Image by me.

There was a line that was said on the TV show Offspring this year,  two acquaintances met after a long time apart with the conversation ending a little something like this……… ‘It’s a small life, smaller than I imagined for myself…’ I am accustomed to finding fashion and interior design tips from this show but life tips, really?

These words have stayed with me and made me realise that I have always wanted and coveted a BIG life, the spectacular, the extraordinary, with all the accolades and acknowledgements yet my reality is so far from that.

Why do I want this? Will it make me happier if I were to receive it? Probably not.

It is time to accept my small and ordinary life, for I now realise how lucky I am to have such a life, as some people don’t have that chance, their life is snatched away.




Do you ever wonder about why and where you are in life?

At this point in time I feel like everything that has happened in my life has been leading up to this….. I have been a preschool teacher on a mobile preschool for over 20 years and while I was questioning my love and commitment to the job I now realise that without it I wouldn’t be where I am today, it has allowed me to spread my wings in so many directions. I had allowed myself to become my job, I felt my identity was solely my occupation. It is only now that I can see I have so many labels,  a wife, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a designer, a photography assistant, a stylist and an author!

I am many things to many people!



Image by me of a glorious prize from Victoria Alexander . (Her book Real)

Expectations, I hold so many of them, very high ones in fact, especially of myself.

Do I have the right to expect anymore than I already have?

I am with the man I adore , the only man I have ever wanted, who respects, cares and loves me for me, which isn’t always an easy thing to do. I feel safe, loved and valued, I have everything, everything I need. Sometimes I forget that, for that I am sorry.


Inspired, influenced, imitated….

2016, what are you hoping the new year to be?

I hope it to be a year to be me, to value me to not want to be anyone else, to value the life I have and to not constantly compare myself to others who I assume to live the perfect life by the edited and curated photos I see on Instagram…. I know it’s not going to be easy.


Image by me..

Take these glasses for instance, I have admired Veronique Tristram’s glasses for some time and while her Victoria Beckham chunky aviators had long ago sold out I found a similar pair under the Christmas tree!

It now as me questioning, do I want to be Veronique, or is she my muse, my source of inspiration, it can sometimes be a very fine line not wanting to be a carbon copy of someone but really loving someone’s sense of style and looking to them for style or lifestyle cues.

2016 the year to be inspired and influenced or to inspire and influence…..



Image from @paperpear instagram feed

Interesting thought, but who I am now and who I have been are a huge influence on how I want and wish to live now. How do you unlearn?

What do you unlearn?

Who was I meant to be in the first place?

Without my life experiences, such as they are, I wouldn’t be embarking on the Perfectly Ordinary journey, I needed to be a preschool teacher  to become Perfectly Ordinary. Maybe that’s it, maybe I have spent so much time and effort trying to be someone or something special when really I was meant to be ordinary, Perfectly Ordinary.



I’m becoming of that age, you know, when the page needs to be moved that little bit further away or you need to move to better light to read the small print. I think know I need glasses, I’ve known it for a while now and I should do something about it soon, this photo may actually make me do it NOW!


Image from @veroniquetristram instagram.

I have been begun looking around at the options available and that’s when I found Veronique Tristram, the fashion director of Glamour Magazine in Germany, wearing the most divine pair of glasses. I have found out that they are Victoria Beckham’s Chunky Aviator VB0140 which have sadly sold out.

I know that they aren’t for everyone but I think they work on Veronique, because of her gorgeous natural style and beauty, her natural undyed hair pulled back into a simple ponytail, minimal jewellery pieces and a classic white shirt allow the statement glasses space to just be.


My Happy Place.

I am a born and bred country girl but have decided that in the remote chance that I win lotto, I am packing up and moving to the city, to Paddington in Sydney to be exact!


I’m not sure if you have heard but Sibella Court has listed her Paddington Terrace for sale. It is the original The Society Inc shopfront, I had the pleasure and privilege of staying there recently as Sibella now offers it as an Imaginarium corner terrace on Airbnb.


Here is the link to the listing, I was going to add some of the photos that I took whilst there, but honestly these ones are so much better, really you must have a look, NOW!

My only hope is that if I can’t buy it then I hope someone who appreciates what Sibella has or hasn’t done to the place is respected and kept, what a crime it would be to see it renovated with lots of shiny new surfaces.